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In this article, I will try to summarize all the Frequently Asked Questions in the ROUTE 300-101 Exam. Hope it will save you some time searching through the Internet and asking your friends & teachers.

1. Please tell me how many questions in the real ROUTE exam, and how much time to answer them?

There are 50 questions, including 4 lab-sims. You have 120 minutes to answer them but if your native language is not English, Cisco allows you a 30-minute exam time extension (150 minutes in total).

2. How much does the ROUTE 300-101 cost? And how many points I need to pass the exam?

This exam costs $300. You need at least 790/1000 points to pass this exam.

3. I passed the ROUTE exam, will I get a certificate for it?

No, Cisco does not ship ROUTE Exam certificate, it only ships you a certificate after completing the full CCNP track of 3 exams (ROUTE, SWITCH & TSHOOT) within three years. Once again we have to notice that you need to finish these three exams within three years (not nine years). Many candidates misunderstand this and think they have nine years to complete three exams.

4. Which sims will I see in the ROUTE exam?

The popular sims now are Policy Based routing sim, EIGRP OSPF Redistribution sim, OSPF Evaluation Sim and EIGRP Evaluation Sim and please notice that the IP addresses, router names may be different (it is also true for Drag and Drop questions)

5. How many points will I get for one sim?

Maybe you will get about 80 to 100 points for each sim, just like the CCNA exam.

6. In the real exam, I clicked “Next” after choosing the answer, can I go back for reviewing?

No, you can’t go back so you can’t re-check your answers after clicking the “Next” button.

7. What is the difference between the old BSCI & the new ROUTE exam?

In the new ROUTE exam, there are no IS-IS, DHCP, Multicast questions so you can ignore them if you are reading old BSCI books. In fact, DHCP & Multicast are good topics and maybe you will have a chance to learn about them in other Cisco exams.

8. Can I use short commands, for example “conf t” instead of “configure terminal”? Will I get full mark for short commands?

From the comments on this site, maybe you will get full mark for short commands. But sometimes short commands don’t work so please be careful with them. We highly recommend you should learn the full commands.

9. What are your recommended materials for ROUTE?

There are many materials for learning ROUTE but below are popular materials that many candidates recommend.


CCNP ROUTE Official Certification Guide

ROUTE Student Guide

CCNP ROUTE Portable Command Guide

CCNP Route Quick Reference Sheet

Video training

CBT Nuggets

Simulator (all are free)


GNS3 – the best simulator for learning ROUTE

Packet Tracer

10. How much time should I spend on each sim?

You should not spend more than 15 minutes for each sim. Recall that you only have 90 minutes so if you spend 15 minutes for each sim x 4 sims = 60 minutes. The 30 minutes left is for solving 46 multiple choice & drag-and-drop questions. If you are not a native English speaker and have 30-minute expansion (ask the mentor to confirm) than you can spend 20 minutes for each sim.

11. Can I pass without doing sims?

As mentioned above, each sim will cost you from 80 to 100 points. In the real exam you will have to solve 4 sims that give from 320 to 400 points. Suppose you answer all other questions perfectly then you will get 600 to 680 points but the passing score is 790. It means that you surely fail if ignore them.

From the calculation above, if you miss only one sim the chance to pass is average but if you miss two, the chance to pass is very, very low.

12. Are the exam questions the same in all the geographical locations?

Yes, the exam questions are the same in all geographical locations. But notice that Cisco has a pool of questions and each time you take the exam, a number of random questions will show up so you will not see all the same questions as the previous exam.

13. I don’t want to lose points so should I use the “copy running-config startup-config” after finishing each lab-sim?

In the ROUTE exam, we can’t use that command so surely you will not lose any points if not using that command.

14. I passed the ROUTE exam. Do you have any site similar for CCNP exams?
We have certprepare.com for SWITCH, networktut.com for TSHOOT, voicetut.com for CCNA Voice, securitytut.com for CCNA Security, rstut.com for CCIE Written & Lab, dstut.com for CCDA. Hope you enjoy these sites too!

15. Why don’t I see any questions and answers on digitaltut.com? I only see the explanation…

Because of copyrighted issues, we had to remove all the questions and answers. You can download a PDF file to see the questions at this link: http://www.agile-bridge.com/?page=route-questions-and-answers

Is there anything you want to ask, just ask! All of us will help you.

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  1. Anonymous
    May 23rd, 2017

    Has anyone got the 295Q dump in PDF or VCE? Please link. Thanks

  2. A&Q
    May 23rd, 2017

    What is PBR sim??

  3. A&Q
    May 23rd, 2017

    Did u mean Policy Based Routing?

  4. ABSI
    May 28th, 2017

    There is a lot of questions from dumps, but also there is a lot of new question,
    the sims:
    +OSPF Evaluation Sim
    +OSPF Sim
    +EIGRP Stub Sim
    +PBR Sim
    +EIGRP OSPF Redistribution Sim

  5. Eddie
    May 29th, 2017

    Please can someone share with me valid dumps for ccnp data center 642-035 and 642-999
    nkansaheddy at gmail dot com

  6. Anonymous
    May 30th, 2017

    passed yesterday.

    The last dumps are still valid.
    Only some new questions but easy to answer.

    Good luck guys

  7. techguy
    June 5th, 2017

    hello guys, I am about to give my exam pretty soon. I have not scheduled it yet but soon am doing before 20th of this month. Anyone with important information about exam willing to share and know from me can email me at {email not allowed}

    We can share dumps and discuss questions, sharing the info will help you and me. Thank you and keep writing and lets share knowledge

  8. techguy
    June 6th, 2017

    hello guys, I am about to give my exam pretty soon. I have not scheduled it yet but soon am doing before 20th of this month. Anyone with important information about exam willing to share and know from me can mail me at varun.fedele @ g mail . co m

    We can share dumps and discuss questions, sharing the info will help you and me. Thank you and keep writing and lets share knowledge

  9. Anonymous
    June 8th, 2017

    F***** i tried 2 times with old dumps 234 questions, I failed and had more than 15 new Multiple choice questions.

  10. Anonymous
    June 8th, 2017

    Anyone please share the new dumps 295 Q, ccna1.files @ g mail . c o m

  11. techguy
    June 14th, 2017


    The below is the complete link with working vce crack, VCE 353Q, pdf and exam material according to syllabus, hope it helps everyone. And please share if there are any new questions

    htt ps : // www . 4shared . com /zip / P2KdY8Ycei /CCNPRS300-10120170613Q353 . html ?

  12. Anonymous
    June 16th, 2017

    @TechGuy, Thank you bro…May Allah SWT reward you.

  13. Anonymous
    June 17th, 2017

    @techGuy, Really Thank you.

  14. Anonymous
    June 18th, 2017

    I failed recently and all the dumps that I found was useless, there are a lot of questions about topics not included in the new version but there are un the old version of the CCNP and some are in the new version of the CCNA.

  15. Raine
    June 19th, 2017

    I passed exam today. Only 30% dumps were here. I must mention there is bunch of new questions about GRE and AAA. Also drag and drops were pain. Like i never saw something. Lab was same. GL

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